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Stand By Your Man: Part 23

Post by Onna Carr

“Emma, I got you a book, Emma by . . . Jane Austen,” Sunil said, pulling the book out of its bag and handing it to Emma as she burst out laughing and then contained herself. “Kya (what) is funny?” Sunil queried. “Nothing of import. Thank you, Sunil,” Emma said with a smile as she ran her fingers through the book’s pages.

Emma, Sunil, Tamil, and Pete’s plane landed in Denver International Airport just before a rainstorm hit and grounded their outgoing flight to Lincoln. The rain was torrential, and there was nothing to do but to find a seat closest to their gate and to wait out the storm. Sunil held Tamil, and he and Emma grabbed their duffels and found a seat, sliding their bags under their chairs and sitting down together. They looked out of the windows at the downpour as Pete headed off to the restroom. “Maim (I) feel like we are back at Heathrow. Maim (I) was hoping we would be able to see the mountains, weren’t apa (you)?” Emma questioned Sunil as he held Tamil. “Haam (yes),” Sunil replied with a sigh. “Maim (I) did not think apa (you) would be that sore about the mountains,” Emma said with surprise. “Maim (I) am nahim (not),” Sunil answered.

“Kya (what) is wrong, Sunil?” Emma asked. “Maim (I) am getting married. Maim (my) engagement party is tonight, when maim (I) arrive back in Omaha,” Sunil replied. “Maim (I) see: acchah (good) for apa (you). She must have an achhah (good) sense of humor. She is a shiningly beautiful Hindustani (Indian),” Emma declared as she looked out the airport’s windows at the pounding rain without emotion. “Maim (I) have never met the laraki (girl). My father says she will be a good wife and is very attractive. Maim (I) do not know if she is funny,” Sunil said. “Kya (what) use is suitability and attraction without a sense of humor? Apa (you) won’t make it a week let alone to apake (your) fiftieth without being able to share in each other’s laughter. There is nahim (no) life in life nor life in being a lover without humor. How could apa (you) marry a woman apa (you) do nahim (not) know if apa (you) can laugh with? Maim (I) never took apa (you) for a fool, Sunil,” Emma stated as she looked at Sunil in unguarded shock.

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