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Stand By Your Man: Part 24

Post by Onna Carr

"Why aren’t apa (you) married, Emma?” Sunil questioned. “Kya (what) makes apa (you) think maim (I) am nahim (not)?” Emma queried. “If apa (you) were married, apa (you) would be with husband,” Sunil replied. “So, so?” Emma asked with an imperious gaze and raised eyebrows. “Haam (yes). Apa (you) would only marry a man apa (you) could laugh with, and why would apa (you) leave laughter? Why would apa (you) leave happiness?” Sunil questioned. “Perhaps the laughter stopped, and the silence became unbearable. Perhaps the laughter died before it really even started,” Emma said, an awful seriousness creeping into her voice and her eyes as she turned to meet his gaze. “Apa (you) will meet someone, someday,” Sunil continued. “Sunil, maim (I) have better things to contemplate than waiting around for the impossible to happen,” Emma concluded as their plane’s boarding call sounded, and she got up, taking Tamil from him, grabbing her duffel, and heading toward their gate. Sunil followed her, and Pete made the plane just before the gate closed as he had lost track of the time in the Caribou Coffee line waiting for three chocolate frappes.

The plane ride to and landing in Lincoln went without a hitch. Sunil and Emma were seated a distance from each other, and Sunil noticed that Emma received and sent a few texts during the last leg of the journey, and she appeared unusually excited, though Sunil tried not to be overly curious. Pete had a seat beside Emma on the plane, and the two seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. Sunil wondered if maybe Emma would find the “impossible” possible with Pete, and then he found he was troubled by the idea, which bothered him more than the idea itself.

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