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Stand By Your Man: Part 25

Post by Onna Carr

As soon as the passengers were allowed to get off the plane, Emma took Tamil and her duffel and nearly ran out of the plane, and Pete followed her. Sunil waited a bit, grabbed his duffel, and was the last one off. He came into the airport to find Emma with her arms about a man who looked to be Sharuch Khan, hugging him as if her life depended on it while Pete stood to the side, holding Tamil and looking on as if all was normal. Sunil couldn’t hide his surprise and began to wonder if Emma were a bigger hypocrite than he was.

“Emmaji,” the man said, making Emma stop hugging him and turn to see Sunil as the man noticed Sunil’s expression. “Sunil, this is Addi, my father. Addi, this is Sunil,” Emma said as Sunil looked in confusion from Emma to her father. “Sunil, it is a pleasure to meet you,” Addi declared, extending his hand to Sunil as Sunil shakily shook it. “Emma is your daughter?” Sunil questioned Addi. “Yes, she is my laraki (girl),” Addi replied. “Sunil, Addi is Hindustani (Indian). My mother was Dutch and very fair,” Emma explained. “You look just like Sharuch Khan, Sir,” Sunil said. “Yes. I can’t help it. I have had a few math students do a double take—I guess I am his twin,” Addi replied with a grin.

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