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Stand By Your Man: Part 27

Post by Onna Carr

Pete watched Sunil, and Sunil finally turned to him. “Pete, I thought you were having supper with Emma and her dad,” Sunil said. “I will. I just thought I might witness a miracle, but you have to sometimes make your own, and I’m not sure you will. I’ll see you later, Sunil,” Pete concluded and headed after Emma as Sunil turned toward his gate and what he believed was the path for his life.

Sunil arrived at his home to find out that his engagement had been called off as his father received news that the girl that was to be Sunil’s bride had recently returned from Bharat (India) with a child in tow. Sunil’s father had severed the connection as soon as he heard the news. Sunil thought about contacting Emma through Pete, whom he figured had her number. However, he felt strange doing so. Emma had lost her mother less than two months before, and she was grieving. If Emma and Sunil fell out because he called and told her he wanted her and Tamil in his life as his wife and daughter, and she said no, it could be another grief for her. He decided to wait. Sunil had given Emma his number back in Bharat (India). However, Sunil doubted Emma would call him even if she wanted to as she thought he was engaged and/or married.

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