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Stand By Your Man: Part 28

Post by Onna Carr

About four months later, Pete gave Sunil a ticket to a Husker game in Lincoln, telling Sunil he couldn’t make it to the game and hated to waste the ticket. As Sunil sat down in the stadium, he felt a hand tap his shoulder, and he turned to see Addi smiling at him. “Hello, Sunil,” Addi said as Sunil stared at him in surprise as Addi took the seat beside him. “What are the chances we would end up at the same football game sitting next to one another?” Addi questioned. “One in 250,000?” Sunil queried. “No, actually less. You see I am not a football buff: cricket is more my style. I have never attended a game before. Pete gave me a ticket, so I decided to come,” Addi said in answer. “Then the chances were pretty high: Pete gave me a ticket too,” Sunil replied.

“How are Tamil and Emma?” Sunil asked. “Tamil is doing well, and Emma is fine. Emmaji is embedded in diaper changing and midterm papers. She teaches English literature and Hindi 101 at UNL. She got tenure, you know,” Addi explained as Sunil looked at him in confusion. “No, I didn’t, but that would explain why, when I got her the book called Emma by Jane Austen, she acted a bit strangely when I did not know who wrote it,” Sunil replied. “I am surprised she didn’t punch you. That explains the extra copy though,” Addi said. “Extra copy?” Sunil questioned. “I could not figure out why Emmaji had another copy of Emma, but now it is very clear—you got her the book,” Addi explained.

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