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Stand By Your Man: Part 3

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

Pete and Sunil had gotten seats that were on opposite sides of the plane, and Pete quickly found his seat and settled in for his flight. Sunil also found his seat, and when he did, he discovered his window seat was right next to the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel. Sunil went to Pete. “Pete, please change seats with me,” Sunil begged him. “Kya (what)?” Pete asked, looking toward where Sunil was to sit. “Ah. No way, Sunil. I may be your best friend, but you got yourself into that mess, and I am not taking that bullet for you,” Pete said, seeing the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel. Sunil then went to the flight attendant. “Sir, I need to change seats,” Sunil explained. “There are no other seats available,” the attendant replied. “There has to be one,” Sunil said as he laughed with uncertainty. “None,” the attendant concluded.

Sunil sit down quietly and resignedly next to the Girl-with-the- Other-Duffel. “Ni (no) yaar (way)!” the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel exclaimed. “You know, I think we got off on the wrong foot,” Sunil began. “And who’s fault is that?” the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel questioned. “Mine, fully and finally—all mine. I am sorry,” Sunil answered. “Acchah (good). Apa (you) should be,” the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel responded. Listen, I can’t trade my seat, I tried to—do bara (twice),” Sunil confessed. “So maim (I) am stuck sitting next to apa (you) for the next several hours?” the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel queried. “Listen, to make up for what happened, why don’t apa (you) take maim (my) window seat?” Sunil asked the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel. “Ni (no) yaar (way)! Apa (you) think a window seat makes up for rifling through maim (my) stuff? Who do apa (you) think maim (I) am? Who do apa (you) think apa (you) are? Just mind apake (your) business,” the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel demanded, and Sunil obliged.

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