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Stand By Your Man: Part 31

Post by Onna Carr

Maim (I) went to the Punjab to visit maim (my) family there and remember maim (my) duty and lose maim (my) man (heart). Maim (I) found apaka (your) daughter along the way, and she showed maim (me) that the only way to remember apaka (your) duty is to stand by apaka (your) man (heart) and apaka (your) man (mind): logic and emotion both tell maim (me) that your daughter is the only one, the only one in the world maim (I) could ever be with, and when one considers the mathematical chances of that fact, that maim (I) found the one laraki (girl) maim (I) am supposed to spend the rest of maim (my) life with. . .,” Sunil broke off. “Apa (you) might have the courage to create apaka (your) own miracle,” Addi finished with a knowing smile.

“About thirty-two years ago, Sunil, maim (I) came to America, and maim (I) went to college here in Lincoln. That first semester, maim (I) met a beautiful lady. She was smart and funny,” Addi began. “She was the granddaughter of Scandinavian emigrants, and maim (I) could not help thinking that a guy like me with broken English and racial discrimination heavy upon him had no business marrying a blond-haired, blue-eyed wonder. But the more maim (I) got to know Emmaji’s mother, the more maim (I) knew that maim (I) had to have the courage to create maim (my) own miracle, because she was the woman maim (I) was supposed to spend maim (my) life with. Maim (I) found that courage, and maim (I) realized that it was maim (my) business,” Addi finished with a smile.

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