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Stand By Your Man: Part 32

Post by Onna Carr

“Where is Emmaji?” Sunil asked. “In the Gardens,” Addi replied. “Then maim (I) think I’d better go,” Sunil declared as Addi nodded, and the two men left the stadium shortly before halftime.

Sunil walked with purpose up the sidewalk, past the fountain with modern sculptural forms, and he crossed the street. He headed for the Gazebo where a person in a red straw hat could be seen crouching over a pot of purple alyssums and red geraniums with a baby tied to her back in a sling. The infant was also wearing a red hat, tied underneath her chin in a bow. As Sunil neared the two, Tamil excitedly turned toward him and grinned. Emma continued to work on the flowers in the pot though. “There they are,” Addi said, walking up behind Sunil as he patted him kindly on the shoulder. “Maim (I) will be across the street, taking in the roses,” Addi quietly whispered to Sunil as he left him about forty feet from the Gazebo and headed back across the street.

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