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Stand By Your Man: Part 33

Post by Onna Carr

“Namaste (hello), Emmaji,” Sunil said as he came up behind Emma. Emma turned and looked at Sunil, a bit of confusion crossing across her face but quickly blowing away. “Hello, Sunil. I wondered why Tamil was acting a bit strange. How are tu (you)?” Emma inquired with care. “Okay, actually I’m not okay: it’s my marriage,” Sunil answered. “I’m sorry. Maim (I) have been praying that you and your wife have a very good marriage,” Emma said sadly. “Tu (you) have?” Sunil questioned in unguarded shock. “Yes, maim (I) want tu (you) to have the best—God’s best,” Emma declared.

“Do you think maim (my) marriage is God’s best, Emmaji?” Sunil asked. “It is not for maim (me) to know. Obviously apa (you) thought it was or apa (you) wouldn’t have gotten married. Apa (you) followed apake (your) man (mind) and man (heart), didn’t apa (you)? Apa (you) are a Christian, Sunil. God renewed apaka (your) man (mind) and gave apa (you) a new man (heart) that He dwells in and lights apaka (your) way through the darkness of this world. There should be nahim (no) confusion now. Listen, Sunil, if apa (you) are looking for advice, go get a counselor: may nahim (not) the laraki (girl) to ask advice of,” Emma replied.

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