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Stand By Your Man: Part 34

Post by Onna Carr

“Maim (I) nahim (not) acchah (good) in maim (my) marriage because maim (I) am nahim (not) married,” Sunil said, stepping closer to Emma and crouching down to look in her eyes as Emma evaded his eyes, sticking her shovel into the flowerpot determinedly as he reached for her hand and she turned back to him. “Do tu (you) pyaar (love) maim (me), Emmaji?” Sunil queried. “You want Hindustani (Indian) laraki (girl) who looks like a Hindustani (Indian) laraki (girl),” Emma replied, looking into his eyes with a serious and sad gaze. “Nahim (no), Emmaji. Maim (I) want a laraki (girl) who has a great sense of humor, who force-feeds me parantha (buttered flat-bread), is fluent in at least four languages, and stands by her man (heart) and man (mind). Maim (I) want tu (you) and maim (I) want Tamil. Maim (I) pyaar (love) you both. Now, what do tu (you) want?” Sunil asked as he stood up. “Maim (I) want tu (you) because maim (I) pyaar (love) tu (you,)” Emma told Sunil as she took his hand, he helped her up, and they went to see Addi, who was stealthily watching from the rosebushes across the street.

Emma and Sunil were married a month later. They had their wedding at the Gardens. Emma wore traditional Punjabi wedding garb as did Sunil. Pete was the best man. Sunil adopted Tamil as soon as the ceremony was over at the courthouse nearby. Sunil’s parents disowned him, and Addi adopted him. Sunil and Emma started married life in Addi’s home, which became their home as well as Sunil transferred from his job at a growing financial firm in Omaha to their Lincoln offices.

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