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Stand By Your Man: Part 35

Post by Onna Carr

“So, kya (what) is the baby’s nama (name)?” Emma questioned Sunil as she rested in his arm one morning with Tamil in her arms. Emma was wearing her Punjab pajama pants and her “Emma, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence” T-shirt. The T-shirt was a teasing gift from Addi several years back, and Emma, feeling the shirt rather ridiculous in quotation, had relegated it to the bottom of her T-shirt drawer, where Sunil had found it when he put up some of her T-shirts and had requested she wear it. “Tamil? I thought we already named her, Emmaji,” Sunil replied in surprise. “Tamil is no longer the baby, she is the big sister now, Sunil,” Emma replied with a grin. “Our baby will be a laraki (girl) with blue eyes, like tu (you) then,” Sunil replied with a widening grin. “Nahim (no) boy with brown eyes, like tu (you),” Emma replied. “Twins then, Emmaji: boy with brown eyes, like maim (me), laraki (girl) with blue eyes, like tu (you),” Sunil answered. Acchah (okay), Sunil,” Emma said with a smile. “Second time,” Sunil replied. “Second time?” Emma queried. “Second time tu (you) have agreed with maim (me). First time was when tu (you) said you’d marry maim (me),” Sunil explained. “Maim (I) stand by my man,” Emma replied, tapping her head and heart and Sunil on the forehead with a grin.

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