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Stand By Your Man: Part 36

Post by Onna Carr

If you stop in Lincoln, Nebraska, today and turn off at the Sunken Gardens near the zoo and down one of the quieter streets, you may find a two-story brick home, the Tudor-cottage-type with English blood running through its architectural veins. The cottage has pots of purple alyssums and red geraniums about the steps and hanging in baskets off the porch’s eaves. The names “Singh and Bhinder” are neatly printed on the red mailbox in English and also in Hindi Script, and there are three red tricycles parked neatly in a row by the garage door.

Within the house, on the coffee table in the living room, is a scrapbook. If you look inside, you will see a picture of Emma and Sunil holding Tamil between them inside the Gazebo on their wedding day at the Gardens with Addi standing proudly beside the three. Following this picture is a photograph of a very radiant Emmaji: she is sitting in a hospital bed with a smile on her face and a blue-blanketed baby with black hair, brown eyes, and fair skin in her right arm and a pink blanketed baby with brown hair, blue eyes, and a dark complexion in her left arm. Sunil is beside Emma in the photo, holding Tamil and grinning. If you flip the page, you will see Tamil and the twins in Addi’s arms as he smiles up at the camera and sits on the same sofa you are sitting on.

The last photo in the scrapbook is taken in the Gardens’ Gazebo again. It appears to be spring. Emmaji is holding a three-year-old Tamil by the hand and one-and-a-half-year-old Annaji in her arms, and they are in matching orange Salwar pants and tunics. Sunil is holding a three-year-old Addiji, and they are in matching carpenter pants and plaid shirts. Addi is behind the two parties, situated between Emmaji and Sunil, with a hand on both their shoulders, and all are smiling: this is the last portrait in the scrapbook so far, but the story is really just beginning and the book will be full of them before it is finished and all the pages are filled with the assistance of Pete-the-Cameraman-and-Assister-of-Miracles.

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