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Stand By Your Man: Part 4

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport was crowded as Sunil and Pete walked off the plane. “Well, this is it for thirty days. Let me know when you come back to civilization, Sunil,” Pete requested with a grin as he said goodbye to Sunil. Sunil watched Pete leave, and he then headed for his gate and a plane to Delhi. He found the gate, got onto the plane, and settled down in his seat. He then saw the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel, who was very adamantly speaking in Hindi with the seating hostess, trying to change her seat that was apparently next to Sunil, to no avail. She finally sat down beside Sunil, plugged in a pair of headphones, and selected a Bollywood blockbuster to watch.

After the plane landed and de-boarded in Delhi, Sunil left the Indira Ghandi International Airport to stay at The Royal Plaza Hotel and try to catch up from jet lag. The next morning, he went and got some traditional painta (pant) and kurta (shirt) sets before he boarded a train for Amritsar. As he sat down on the train, he saw the Girl-with-the-Other-Duffel’s duffel sitting on the seat beside him. He looked about, thinking he was having a strange hallucination, to see the Girl-with-the –Other-Duffel coming up the aisle. “What is God trying to teach maim (me)?” the girl asked. “Listen, maim (I) did nahim (not) know apa (you) were on this train, acchah (okay)? Maim (my) nama (name) is Sunil Bhinder, apa (your) nama (name)?” Sunil queried. “Emma,” the girl replied. “Emma? Last nama (name)?” Sunil continued. “Just Emma,” Emma said. “Emma, apa (you) from Omaha?” Sunil queried. “Nahim (no). Maim (I) am from Lincoln,” Emma replied.

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