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Stand By Your Man: Part 5

Post by Onna Carr

A few hours later, the train abruptly stopped in the middle of nowhere. Sunil and “just Emma,” saw the conductor and a steward talking worriedly and pointing toward a seat. “Just Emma” then got up, and Sunil followed her. The two walked toward the commotion to be greeted by an unsettling ticking noise coming from a handbag sitting on an empty train seat that the conductor and the steward were watching with troubled faces. “Conductor Saab (Sir), handbag bomb hai (have)?” Emma inquired quietly. “Haam (yes),” the conductor said in a whisper. “Apa (you) are nahim (not) de-boarding train?” Sunil questioned the conductor. “Nahim (not) time. The bomb goes off in pamca (five) minutes. The people will trample each other to death if de-boarded now,” the conductor replied. “Or will be blown to bits in five if the bomb isn’t a dud,” Emma concluded.

“Conductor Saab (Sir), can maim (I) take a look?” Emma questioned as Sunil, the conductor, and the steward looked at Emma in shock. “Madam know how to defuse bombs?” the conductor asked Emma. “Do apa (you) have any other takers?” Emma queried back. “Nahim (no) Madam, but we have nahim (no) bomb suit, nahim (no) tools,” the conductor continued. “Kya (what) bomb suit acchah (good) for? Tu (you) blow, tu (you) blow. I have tool,” Emma stated, pulling an insulated and non-conductive Leatherman out of her pants.

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