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Stand By Your Man: Part 6

Post by Onna Carr

“Emma?” Sunil asked cautiously as Emma approached the handbag. “Sunil Bhinder, we either die, die trying, or succeed and live. Steward Saab (Sir), I will try to diffuse the bomb if you will start unloading the woman and children as calmly as tu (you) can, acchah (okay)?” Emma requested as the steward left with a nod and Sunil began to realize the girl in the red sneakers was nahim (not) an ordinary laraki (girl). Emma then calmly went to the handbag, opened it, and began to study the wires as the clock ticked. Two minutes ticked by. Emma still was studying wires. When thirty seconds remained, she said, “Sunil, Conductor Saab (Sir), I suggest tu (you) go. The conductor bailed out the window, and Sunil stepped closer, “Tu (you) had better cut the wire,” Sunil suggested. When the timer reached five seconds, Emma cut one of the wires, and the clock simply stopped as Emma folded her Leatherman, slid it into her jeans, and started to shake as her feet gave way and she sat down.

“It’s all right, Emma, acchah (okay)?” Sunil queried. “So many could have died,” Emma replied. “But they didn’t. Where in the world did tu (you) learn to diffuse bombs?” Sunil asked. “Right now. Maim (I) just decided to try as maim (I) had nothing to lose,” Emma replied, brushing away her tears. “Tu (you) just happened to pick the right wire with sheer luck?” Sunil questioned in shock. “Nahim (no), maim (I) picked the right wire with great prayer. Maim (I) chose the right wire because God is good,” Emma replied.

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