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Stand By Your Man: Part 8

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

After a few hours of delay, the train finally got to Amritsar and de-boarded at the Amritsar Railway Station. Sunil found Emma in the station, speaking in Hindi to a policeman, trying to ascertain if the roads were safe to travel on foot once a person left Amritsar. “Haam (yes), for Hindustani adami (man), nahim (not) for laraki (girl) like apa (you): too adhika (much) an oddity, nahim (no) offence,” the officer replied. “Kya (what) am maim (I) to do?” Emma asked. “Saab (Sir), what if adami (man) went with laraki (girl), safe then?” Sunil asked. “Haam (yes), safe then, maim (I) think,” the officer said, leaving as he was called to the other end of the station.

“Where are apa (you) headed?” Sunil asked Emma. Maim (I) am headed to Basarke Gillan,” Emma said in answer. “Right on maim (my) way to Naraingarh. Kya (why) don’t maim (I) travel with apa (you)?” Sunil queried. “Maim (I) will nahim (not) be beholden to apa (you),” Emma replied. “Nahim (not) beholden. Maim (I) am trying to atone for maim (my) bad start with apa (you). “Kya (what) is apaka (your) decision?” Sunil inquired. “Maim (I) will come,” Emma replied, and they headed out of the station together.

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