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Stand By Your Man: Part 9

Post by Onna Carr

“So, apa (you) are staying in Basarke Gillan?” Sunil questioned Emma as the two walked toward their destination. “Just for tonight. Maim (my) aunt and uncle are coming to pick maim (me) up tomorrow morning. They have a farm nearby,” Emma said in answer. “Maim (I) haven’t ever heard of an American farming in the Punjab,” Sunil replied.

“It’s good maim (I) was able to come with apa (you), for protection,” Sunil said as a group of men passed them on the road. “Maim (I) am thirty, Sunil, and maim (I) am capable and old enough to take care of myself,” Emma replied. “Apa (you) nahim (not) ask,” Sunil answered. “Kya (what)?” Emma queried. “How old maim (I) am,” Sunil replied. “Maim (I) nahim (not) ask because it is nahim (not) maim (my) business,” Emma declared. “Maim (I) am thirty too,” Sunil confessed. “Acchah (good) for apa (you),” Emma dryly stated.

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