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Stargate Holds a Special Place in My Heart

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Post by Logan Thomas

My favourite character out of the Stargate series' would probably be Meredith Rodney McKay or Jonathan “Jack” O’Neill.  I like Rodney because he is adorable and hilarious,and I relate a lot to him and his character/personality:  his jokes and his inner struggles with people and life.  I enjoy Jack mainly because he is actually so smart but as Samantha Carter said, “pretends he’s not.”

My favourite film would be Continuum and fave series would have to be Stargate Atlantis.  I love Continuum because I like Time Travel themed films:  the time travel episodes of the Stargate shows and sci-fi in general are my favourite outings.  I struggled between choosing SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis for my favourite series to choose.  I chose s Stargate Atlantis because it is the series I first watched and so it holds a higher place for me.  Though I love all three Stargate series' series, I love the relationship the Atlantis Expedition all share best out of the three.

As for a favorite episode, I really liked Window of Opportunity (SG-1) and “The Shrine” (SGA).  I loved the episode “Window of Opportunity” For the time loop aspect and for all the hilarity that ensues for Teal’c and Jack due to feeling as though they are going insane because they are doing the same thing over and over and over again.  I also loved the episode for that hilariously awesome “In the middle of my backswinnnnnggg???!!” scene 🤣And for Jack kissing Sam.  

I loved “The Shrine” because we get to see Rodney suffering through such a difficult time and how he and the others cope with his “Second Childhood”:  we get to see the love they all have for Rodney.  I love seeing David Hewlett’s terrific acting/performance skills that are showcased in that episode.

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