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Stargate SG-1 - Avalon Tablet

Post by GUYARD Julien of Atlante Props

This mold was actually producing the lost city tablet from season 6, episode 21 “Prophecy” and the avalon tablet from Season 9 episode 1-2 “Avalon”, thickness and color being different between the two episodes, but same mold.

This mold produces rectangular castings.

There was no way i’ll do this carving work over and over for all 25 casts (which the Stargate prop shop wanted), so much time wasted, cost in labor, etc., so I made a mold of this new master to pull out the run of replicas.

Castings were 1.1kg, which was a bummer for international shipping as the post office were quoting at 2kg. In order to reduce the weight, a layer of foam mat was introduce during casting, it reduced the weight to about 700gr, therefore shipping was charge on 1kg basis

Result :

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