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Stargate SG-1 - Goa'uld Crystals Drawer Part 1

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by GUYARD Julien of Atlante Props

Well, not really from original production molds, but more like from original props, where i added some parts to recreate the whole set dec piece.

This project goes back to my beginnings as a prop collector, along with the dhd crystal i had bought from legends in fedcon convention, i had bought a large goa’uld crystal, since then i always wanted to build an entire drawer. It’s only recently i finally gathered all the part needed to this build :

- Goa’uld crystal bought from Legends Memorabilia at Fedcon 2014 - Crystal board, bought on ebay, initially coming from Legends Memorabilia - Gold cover, bought from Stargate Prop Shop, initially coming from Propstore - Little panel, bought from Stargate Prop Shop, initially coming from Legends Memorabilia

This drawer appears in the the season 5, episode 17 “Failsafe.”

Mold made with shore 15 silicone et casing done with lasercut Plexiglas.

I used smooth cast 326 resin with vacuum chamber to make the 13 crystals needed. I didn’t have a pressure chamber, so there were a few bubbles, but nothing bad, degassing resin and pouring meticulously gave me excellent results.

Not fully satisfied with the final result, i decided to polish the crystals : wet-sanding with finer grit, applying clear varnish. First pic shows sanded crystal, then varnished.

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