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Stargate SG-1 - Goa'uld Crystals Drawer Part 2

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by GUYARD Julien of Atlante Props

The front panel, which come from the episode previously quoted, this one had been recycled for another episode from season 9, production glued it to a bigger panel, so I glued those two.

I created the panel thickness out of laser-cut wood sheet, glued and screwed together.

Drawer also has a panel at the back, slightly smaller than the front one, so i made a mold from the front panel, cut a wood panel that i inserted into the mold while pouring resin. Weight and clamps insured pressure for the resin to stick to the wood.

The “drawer” itself is pretty simple, woods and screw. Unfortunately the wood i bought was a bit warped, and as i was doing that on a Sunday, didn’t worth the hassle to stop the project as i had the whole day free to work on that. So I bent it back to the best I could, and applied bondo to get flat surface, was the most effective way on a Sunday (when all shops are closed).

Drawers sides had same texture than front panel, so I poured resin into the front panel mold, before the resin was cured and hard, I de-molded while it was still soft, which allowed me to apply it onto the wood like vinyl and cut easily with an x-acto knife.

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