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Steel Wool, Live Traps, and Fortitude

This week, we suffered a mysterious critter attack. We are still not sure what the critter is, except we are confident that it is nocturnal humdinger as it only comes out at night. However, last night, the critter, who has been making small holes in the ceiling of a spare room, decided to create a much larger hole through the drywall and sprung and threw the rather large, live trap from the house's roof this am. The resident squirrel has been exonerated despite his naughty inclinations--even a big squirrel would have a hard time throwing a trap of that size. We're thinking coon now: clever, cheeky, large, night-grazing coon. And, he has managed to single-pawedly relocate our small family to better things. After the critter made the larger hole in the ceiling at approximately 10 pm, things got even more interesting as our HomeLabs monitor went crazy with particulate, VOC, and CO2 levels (probably because of the disturbed ceiling) and we had a very fitful night of getting up every hour to check the monitor, headaches, and respiratory issues. By 5 o' clock that morning, we had decided that we had to leave the dwelling as the monitor's numbers were uncomfortably high again. Plus, the realization that we are not trappers nor had the burning desires to become them (nothing personal) and that therefore new lodgings and an imminent move were on the horizon. Needless to say, as we loaded our belongings up and moved into a new residence, we stopped off at the local hardware store to return two bags of steel wool we had purchased to stuff the holes the critter had made, but after the large hole and trap throwing, the steel wool seemed an exercise in futility. The guy behind the counter gladly let me exchange the steel wool for a Stanley padlock for our temporary storage unit until we move into our new residence. He was nonplussed at my explanation for the exchange--perhaps coon attacks of grand proportions are going round here like a bad flu season--"coon season?"

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