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Summer Jobs and No Need to Rush

Post by Onna Carr

My first job was working in a fiber shop that was owned by a eighty-one-year-old women who traveled the world with her husband and then decided in retirement to settle down on her family's homestead near her sister who was eighty-eight. She could tell fascinating tales of the spiders in Australia and the frigid cold of Alaska. I met her through a fiber guild, and I treasure my memories as a high school student and young adult and the wonderful times we had together.

I learned to calculate sales, serve customers, select color schemes for fiber projects, taught a knitting class, and all-in-all had an amazing time at that first job. I learned so much, and also made friends who stayed with me until their passing and their Alzheimer's took their memory, respectively.

That summer job led to a Jane Austen club and watch parties of Austen's works made into film. I met fellow lovers of Victorian British literature and was able to discuss works with other fans, so to speak. I also think the thing I took away most from the experience was the love of siblings between the sisters and the time the oldest, at ninety-one took me aside at my graduation party to chat and in the middle of our conversation said, "you always have time--there is no need to rush." She had retired at sixty and had lived forty-one years in retirement--pursuing her varied interests, caring for her family, and reading many books. So, when life gets busy, I remind myself--"I always have time--no need to rush."

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