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Teal'c & Teyla -- My Cup of Tea Part 2

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Post by B. Hope

I also loved watching Teal'c & O'Neill. Some of my favorite scenes include:The time when Dr. Fraiser orders a very sick O'Neill to stay in bed. O'Neill protests, & Teal'c tells him to listen to Dr. Fraiser. O'Neill then attempts to get out of bed, & instead falls to the floor in a heap. Teal'c comments that Dr. Fraiser is indeed a wise woman, & usually correct. He then lifts O'Neill back into to bed, & raises his eyebrow at him. It always amazes me how Teal'c could change an entire scene with one eyebrow lift. I also loved the scene where O'Neill decides to teach Teal'c how to box (or was it to dance? I was confused...). My favorite Teal'c & O'Neill episode was where they accidently switched bodies. O'Neill had to learn to meditate, & Teal'c tried to shave his head. It was hilarious!

I also loved watching Teal'c & Ronon, & wish that they'd had more episodes together. They were so similar: loyal, steadfast friends, great warriors, & maybe just a teeny bit stubborn.

Here are my take aways from Teal'c:

1. Do what is right, whatever the cost.

2. Family matters most, whether or not they are blood.

3. Choose your friends wisely, & defend them when necessary.

4. Meditate when needed.

5. Always take your staff weapon with you, you will need it.

6. Sometimes a Jaffa needs his Java.

7. Make the most of life, wherever you are.

8. Eventually, everything will calm up.

9. Never let undomesticated equines drag you off your path.

10. Always remember: a Jaffa gonna do what a Jaffa gotta do.

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