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Thanksgiving for the Tying up of Loose Ends

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

Retro Dress, Vintage Style

This Thanksgiving morning, I was busily hemming a dress that has been fourteen years in the making. I have wanted to sew Butterick 4790 Fast & Easy Retro 1952 Wrap Dress and have had fabric and binding set aside in a zippy bag upon a shelf. When we left our previous residence, this plastic bag was one of the things we grabbed as it was sealed and therefore, safe.

We then looked at the pattern and found it to be one size too small, and we ordered another copy of the same pattern the next size up off of Ebay. This size was supposed to be perfect according to measurements, and we bought some complimentary green cotton fabric for the front of the dress. I then ironed and cut out the dress, sewed up the 10 pleats on the front and the back, seamed and bound the dress, and then added two, flat, horn buttons from Claw, Antler, & Hide (see post "Claw, Antler, & Hide") and I tried the garment on to find it was three inches too small. I went back over the pattern--according to measurements, the dress was supposed to fit (darn it). I added a front tab of three inches to make up for the issue at hand, and I hemmed the dress on Thanksgiving morning to wear for the day. I can honestly say I am not sure what body type this dress is supposed to fit perfectly, but I guess I am not THAT type, and I refuse to believe my neck is that odd!!!

However, this project has taught me that sometimes, the joy is in the journey and in knowing I finished what I set out to do. Perhaps it is not so important that our projects are perfectly successful in execution but perhaps the success lies in the fact that they are indeed executed--that is the lesson of the dress I am taking with me--along with the fact that an attractive beaded shawl can cover up many things , including oddly shaped neck openings:).

During the holiday, I also knit up two swirly scarfs for gift-giving, and as I finished them I thought about how this Thanksgiving holiday was spent tying up loose ends and enjoying the glories of getting things done. Our projects and our lives may not always turn out the way we think they will, but they do turn out, and maybe that should be our point of gratitude as we tie up our loose ends and celebrate with the ones we love.

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