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The 200th Monday, Wednesday, Friday Finds Blog Post: Being in Business is Now Live on Kindle E-book

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

By Onna Carr

Today marks the 200th blog post of the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Finds Blog. This is an auspicious occasion as not only has this blog made it to the 200th post, but this day is the release on The Being of Business: Artists, Interior Designers, and Foodies Discuss Their Lives' Work on Amazon as a Kindle E-book , which is available for purchase here. The Being of Business: Artists, Interior Designers, and Foodies Discuss Their Lives' Work, started out on this blog last year via a series of blog post interviews featuring artists, interior designers, and foodies.

Artists such as Alexandra Hilton of Bagelface UK, Lisa Chapman of Randall Barbera, Petra Hall of Petronella Hall, Lydia Inglett of Starbooks Publishing, Melinda Dominico of Dominco Photography, Merissa A. Alink of littlehouseliving.com, Justin Rhodes of the Justin Rhodes Youtube Channel and The Great American Farm Tour, Selina Fowler of CoeLux, Arjuna Noor of Moodspace, April J. Harris of apriljharris.com​, and Jennifer Herwitt of www.jherwitt.com. have showcased their work and given thoughts into what they have learned from their creative careers.

Marie Burgos of HGTV and Marie Burgos Design, Stephanie Jeffries of the Nista Collection, Kyrsten Attig, Kimberly C. Lyons of KCL Design, Patti Cowger of PLC Interiors, interior designer and architect, Jaqueline De Araujo, Jacqueline deMontravel of Ducks Goose, Gilly Craft of Koubou Interiors, interior designer and architect, Sara Ho of Sara Ho Design, interior and industrial desinger Andrea Gramaccia, Davian Rhodes, interior designer and architect, Giulia Delpiano, Shelley Dozier-McKee of ConfettiStyle, Dina Caruso, Diana Deitrick, Sim Barker, Paddy Rasmussen of New Beginnings, and Nancy Iraggi of NKI Design have shared their styles and their wisdom from their realm in the design industry.

Foodies such as Heather Chase of theculinarchase.com, Debbie Fred of Paleo Eats, Karista Bennett of karistaskitchen.com, and Karie Engels of Basil and Salt Magazine have tastefully shared their delicious journeys with this blog's readers.

The journey with those featured has been delightful and the conversations had in the interviews on this blog since Spring 2017 have been informative and added a unique aspect to this blog's content--it has truly been a joyful journey. This spring, I began the process of compiling these interview posts into a manuscript at the suggestion of my family, who thought that other artists, interior designers, and foodies would benefit from the interview posts on the blog via a compilation of these posts in a book.

It has been wonderful to see this project progress and develop to now be available on Amazon and within the top 100 of one of Amazon's Kindle lists.

As we celebrate the 200th blog post of the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Finds Blog, it seems appropriate to share"Look Up," a beautiful work by Gary Turk, which illustrates in a poetic form of videography the heart of what this blog is about--looking up and connecting with the people and places around us, not just on our social feeds, but in our lives both locally and globally. You can view and share this lovely video with your family and friends by clicking here.

Lastly, as my blog is viewed on devices all across the world, and my reader's welfare is of paramount consideration, I wanted to share the link to a groundbreaking EMF summit here, which delves into how to protect from radiation and to live long, healthy lives. Lastly, you can order EMF-mitigating Defender Shield products for your computers and mobile devices for 20% off and free shipping by clicking here.

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