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The Best of the Stargate Universe

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Post by Will Sayers-Flood

Stargate is by far my favourite sci-fi show of all time because all of the characters are incredibly well written. My favourite character from SG1 is Jack because of his dry humour and chemistry with the other characters.

In Stargate Atlantis, my favorite characters are Lt. Col. John Sheppard and Carson Beckett. I would say John is one of my favorites because of his backstory and the growth that he goes through as a character throughout the series: John goes from not appreciating the chain of command to basically being in charge of Atlantis. Beckett is just hilarious--I love his interactions with the rest of the expedition.

In Stargate Universe, SGU, Eli Wallace is my favorite character. Eli is the best in SGU based on his humour, and he is the most relate-able. SGU is full of sci-fi references and Eli really helps everyone out.

As for my favourite episode, the choice is a lot tougher. I'd say my favourite episodes would be "The Lost City" and "Mobeius" both thoroughly enjoyable episodes. "Mobeius" is my favourite episode because it involves time travel, adds more depths to the pilot episode and has great writing. "The Lost City" feels like the SG1 movie we never got and perfectly set up Stargate Atlantis.

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