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The Bigger Picture

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

By Onna Carr

Once I was in a Culver’s, before I was gluten-free, and I noticed the cashier, who I will always remember for his outlook on life. My family and I were having a bit of a hard day, and we had mentioned things were not going too well when he asked how we were doing. The cashier then turned to us, made eye contact, and replied that yes, life can be a bit rough some days. However, he continued, you had to look at the bigger picture because in the bigger picture, in the grand scheme of things, difficulties that are problematic may allow you to see life in a more empathetic way and may indeed help everything to fit perfectly together in the end when we see the whole picture.

There is a bigger picture. Sometimes, I may only see the back of the canvas, but that does not mean that the front of the canvas does not exist or will not be revealed in good time. Some days, I would like to know (right now)! It is at these times that I need to pray hard and to wait patiently: the bigger picture will be revealed at the precise moment that I need to see it.

Since I was young, one of my favorite films was The Mask of Zorro starring Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. In the film, there is a scene when Anthony Hopkins’ character is speaking to Antonio Banderas’ character and basically states that fortune favors the prepared when he is asked why he is willing to train the younger man who, to all appearances, has little prospect of success. In a similar way, when we are ready for things in life, and the things are best for us, they often happen, and they are better because we were patient, prepared, and waited until the time was right.

For example, this March-April, I unexpectedly had the opportunity to take a Social Media Marketing Diploma Course from Shaw Academy, and I learned a great deal about various social media platforms and how to utilize these platforms effectively. During the course, I started this blog, sent my first e-book to a formatter, instigated some affiliate marketing on this website, sent my first two Mailchimp campaigns, and installed some analytical tools on this website.

I have gained some knowledge, which has led me to try new things that I had been putting off because the time was not right, and I was not prepared. Why now? Because things are falling into place, because fortune does favor the prepared, and because the time is right.

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