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The Birds, the Snow Camel, and the Confused Naughty Squirrel

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Post by Breonna Carroll

The Snow Camel

Early this January, we filled up our birdhouse for the dark-eyed juncos and the nuthatches near us. However, the birds appeared to have a bit of trouble getting at the seed. Perhaps the bird feeder is for another type of bird--who knows. After we filled up our bird-feeder, Bob went out and made a snow camel with a saddle of birdseed. The snow camel quickly lost its saddle and shortly thereafter, its head. I am not quite sure if the birds were jealous or just hungry. However, given their gentle natures, I would guess it is the latter.

After the snow camel lost its head, we performed a quick surgery and reinstalled the head, and my mother did some research on Pinterest and discovered toilet-paper tube bird-feeders. We took empty toilet paper rolls, coated their exteriors with peanut butter, and rolled the cylinders in bird seed on a lipped pan. We then hung the rolls on a bush's branches outside our window and watched the show as the birds quickly devoured or hatched away the seed in preparation for the dropping temperatures that were fast approaching.

This week, the Naughty Squirrel (who has decided not to hibernate this winter but rather to de-bark trees and try to get through our roof but was stopped by his large hips) decided to help himself to a roll and proceeded to greedily hold onto his nut and seed roll and climb with one paw up a pine tree. His crazy antics were enjoyed not once, but twice as he went back for another roll and couldn't seem to decide whether he should eat his roll or climb, one-pawed, up the pine tree.

Our January birding excursions have proven fun, fancy flights easily taken from the comfort of our living room that show us the beauty of nature right outside our window. The birds are a bit fortified against the "Bleak Midwinter." The Nuthatches now have a bit more seed hatched away until spring. The dark-eyed juncos look a bit more dapper in their feather coats after a few extra dinners.

The Nuthatch

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