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The Claw, Antler, & Hide

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

Claw, Antler, & Hide

​Last winter, I broke off and lost a horn button from my winter coat of nine years. My winter coat is a lined, knee-length, Isaac Mizrahi, black, hooded, wool coat. I love my Mizrahi coat: the coat is long, the coat is warm, and the coat is fashionable. I thought getting a replacement horn button would be easy. I checked Ebay, and I was going to order, but I decided to read some customer reviews before purchasing.

When I read reviews on a product or business, I always read the worst first, and then, the best: I do not bother with the middling reviews. When I read the reviews on Ebay concerning the horn button sellers, the reviews mentioned the stench of uncured antlers, poorly manufactured plastic, and the underlying fact that all of the buttons came from China.

Needless to say, uncured and toxic-smells were not appealing, and Amazon.com sold the same horn buttons so, there went that venue. We then tried another tack, putting the coat in our trunk to drop off at a tailor's in hopes they had a cured and non-toxic button and the inclination and the ability to sew the button on. However, the shop was always shut when the coat came to mind. I then forgot about the coat, putting it in a garbage bag in my closet and going to my 1952, vintage, green/black plaid, Pendleton coat for the winter of 2015-2016.

This autumn, as our previous residence's toxicity levels came to the surface, things had to go. Our wardrobes were reduced by less than half, our beds and upholstered furnishing were designated for the landfill, and our books/hard items must be wiped down and "aired out" for several months to detox them--if that's even possible.

As we got rid of things, my vintage, green, Pendleton had to go, and the old, favorite Mizrahi, resurfaced, bobbing thankfully back into my life in its aforementioned plastic bag--safe from the toxic particulates. However, finding buttons still was proving difficult. My mother quickly did a web search and found a solution in Custer, S.D. The Claw, Antler, & Hide sells pelts, bones, and a large selection of antler tips that do not stink (what a concept), and they will drill "buttonholes" into the antler tips. They also sell beads and jewelry, such as wire-wrapped, stone pendants that are just lovely!

Needless to say, we went to the Claw, Antler, & Hide, picked up the horn buttons, and found out the shop owners will even stitch such items on with their industrial, leather, sewing machine--perfect, just perfect! The Claw, Antler, & Hide is one of the few shops in the US where one can get US horn buttons, as they too have noticed a shift to China in such sales, and they try to maintain US-based products for sale in their store as much as possible.

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