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The Dial Home Device--DHD The Stargate Dial Life-sized Reproduction!!

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Post by Cristofer Adrian

This is a full-size prop replica of the Dial Home Device (DHD) from Stargate. It measures a tad bit larger than 34" in diameter. It is faithfully reproduced in every layer of detail. Each panel has been detailed with the proper constellation glyphs and the dome is replaceable with a light-up dome commonly available at home depot. If you plan on installing this as a ceiling or wall light on a dimmer switch., be sure to view my addendum video that shows you a bracket method for making this possible.

The DHD is available as a raw kit casting for $524 which is an absolute steal considering its size and complexity.

For further information or to order this or other amazing products from Cristofer, visit http://chaucer44.squarespace.com/stargatedial. Visit us this Monday for "The Dial Home Device--DHD The Stargate Dial Life-sized Reproduction: How it was Made!"

If you are looking for some non-toxic alternatives to some of the materials used in this tutorial, please visit https://www.greenbuildingsupply.com/.

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