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The Facebook Foodie of www.faceyourfood.net

This week, I am featuring an interview with the Facebook Foodie, creator of Face Your Food. the Facebook Foodie helps create and promote recipes at www.faceyourfood.net through competitions, giveaways and “new to the food community” services. Face Your Food does not require one to have a blog or website to post on their site, those who wish to share recipes are simply required to have a Facebook login.

What led you to become the Facebook Foodie and when did you start Face Your Food?

My Face Your Food (aka: FYF) endeavor was conceived about three years ago, and initial drafts shortly after that (it’s just me, so these projects take time)! I have many food-centric FB friends (the FB Foodies), and it didn’t take long to realize that almost every one of the food posts on Facebook are missing formatted recipes. Adding linked recipes to existing FB food posts seems like an obvious idea FB could/should have implemented, considering how much food is posted - but they haven’t, at least not in a very useful way. FYF solves that.

I love the name of your business, and I am just curious how you arrived at “Face Your Food” for a name?

To avoid confusion, Facebook Foodie is my social alias, representing what I consider a hidden class of culinary experts, the Facebook Foodies. Face Your Food (FYF) is the name of my App & Site. I wanted to give a nod to Facebook (without being too direct) - after all, the idea started from what I saw, food-wise, on Facebook. App: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/face-your-food-create-share/id950203717) Site: www.faceyourfood.net

DadsPlan, LLC is my company, parent of Face Your Food. Its intent is to incorporate other great services centered around social media life. DadsPlan started as a social/meet-up site for Dads, but before I could finish it, I noticed so many other competing Dads sites cropping up, I shifted gears. But I keep the name, because you know, I’m a dad, and it’s my plan to offer cool services .

What is your favorite aspect of owning and operating Face Your Food?

I think it’s the promise of what FYF can become, based on what it currently is. Starting as a recipe platform designed for the FB Community, I now have three major food community services, and many more minor techs included. Service #1 is ready, Service #3 will be ready before end of month, and Service #2 will be out of draft soon after. FYF has transitioned into the business of monetizing recipes, being a platform for fundraising via recipe contests, and offering brands & food bloggers a whole new way to advertise and drive people to their sites. The Face Your Food homepage has more details. I see e-commerce in the future as well. The FYF community, and the tracked, social activity on their posted FB recipes is the glue for all aspects of the site. The synergy between these aspects, and what new services can be created from them is really exciting. I simply won’t implement an idea that is already well-known or commonplace. FYF was intended to look and act differently, in some cases, really differently – hopefully in a good way.

What have you learned the most from opening and running your business?

It’s HARD and takes A LOT of PATIENCE! My experience may not be the norm. FYF is self-funded and is being developed by a savvy, yet remote team. The challenges stem from both resources, and dealing with Time Zones, occasional miscommunications, and just not being able to sit face-to-face slows the process. Skype is good, but it’s not a true replacement. I’m also an army of one. My ideas, my implementation. It’s not like a team of college kids spending 24-7 for three straight months living on coffee, pizza and dreams to invent the next Google. I still have to worry about cooking dinner for the family, laundry and other everyday tasks – yet, I keep the FYF fire stoked because I believe in the concept and want to polish it enough so others can see it as clearly as I can.

What tips and ideas do you have for other’s who would like to start a similar, platform-based business?

Be prepared to do a lot of leg-work upfront. Here’s a list to consider:

  1. Hosting service

  2. Personal budget

  3. Is venture capital required?

  4. Rate/location of your Developer or Marketer

  5. Is your site custom? (If so, make sure it keeps up with changing technology).

  6. Is it just you or a small team/can you give support if required?

  7. Disclaimers/language/logos

  8. Incorporating your business?

  9. Advice from a lawyer?

  10. Have you pitched your idea to friends?

  11. Can you take constructive criticism?

  12. Are you service and/or product based?

  13. Are you skilled in Social Media / Email / FB Marketing?

That was off the top of my head. Not meant to be discouraging, just realistic. You will spend a lot of energy creating a site you are proud of, so you want to make sure it’s protected, that you are not liable for anything, and that there are phased end goals. All of these aspects (and more) will crop up, whether you address them all up-front, or just attack them later as needed. It’s just good to know what coming your way.

What is at the heart of your business that you want your followers to take home?

As I mentioned earlier, the heart of FYF is the community of recipe authors. FYF is intent on making social media stars out of those who toil cooking and posting for no reward other than Likes and Comments. An FYF-recipe is a unique way for authors to not only showcase cooking creations on FB (though not limited to FB) but make their recipes work for them, by treating each recipe as its own blog, with its own earning potential. As authors promote their recipes, to increase their potential, it attracts more eyes to them as recipes authors and specific recipes. You are essentially Branding yourself and FYF is the engine to help.

What is the App?

The App is essentially a mirror of the site, and they share the same backend databases. The Site currently has more services/features, but both share the core recipe creation abilities. However, since the site is, and most likely always will be more robust, the App is slated to become/include something a bit different…a true chef-to-chef recipe competition. I might be addicted to “Words with Friends,” and what I see is something along the lines of “Chefs with Friends,” where the most active social recipes climb the culinary ladder, have challenges, and rewards. It’s the merging of real-life cooking and social media interactions to feed virtual game-play. In my mind, as I envision it, it’s the coolest thing ever.

Facebook Foodie also has a forthcoming integrated newsletter, www.thetwistedkitcheneer.com. The Facebook Foodie can also be followed on: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FYFApp/ Twitter https://twitter.com/faceyourfoodapp Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/faceyourfoo0227/ Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCQibBzCR8sg6at3ktUY5AA Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/facebookfoodie/

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