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The Home Office:  All in Two Day's Work

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

Recently, I renovated a small bedroom into a home office. The redo took two days to complete. I first cleared the area where the computer/printer was to go. I then installed a small, fold-up desk from Sam's Club and placed a blue, sequined, rayon scarf with fringe on top of the small table. The flat screen monitor, speakers, and Sparoom essential oil diffuser were then placed on the table with a small canister of autumnal, colored beads and a mitten-spring note-holder as well as a couple of pencils for a quick note while the remote for the flat screen monitor was tucked neatly under the monitor for easy access. The computer's tower was sat to the left of the table on the floor with the removable storage drive and related technology sitting on top of the tower. Beside the tower, a stack of books with Bart Halpern's Kelp fabric in Copper tucked over the top volume and a handmade ink drawing in an inlaid wood frame was placed on top of the stack of books with a pair of antique, brass and leather opera glasses laid in front of the framed artwork.

Opposite the computer's tower and the stack of books, a printer/copier HP combo rests atop two small storage totes that hold material for upcoming projects. A copy of The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien narrated by Rob Ingles was placed on the front of the printer as it has a lovely autumnal depiction of the Lothlorien Forest. A couple of floor-length, multi-colored, mandala-printed curtains were hung from a quickly and easily installed tension rod to serve as a lovely backdrop for a small electric heater shaped like a miniature wood stove that was cleaned and had clear lights and a large, pillar, battery-operated candle placed within the "log" area while a felted wool bag full of yarn ready to be used in upcoming fiber projects was prominently displayed. To the side of the bag of fiber, a palm tree candlestick pillar of brown and green held a ceramic owl votive holder with a small, white pumpkin resting atop the owl's head as a rather unusual and fun turban to top off this quick, economical, and practical home office.

The chosen color scheme for this project was one of fall colors of various browns, oranges, and greens. These colors are worked throughout the project to create a sense of unity with pockets of the colors placed in groups. For instance, the artwork in the inlaid wood frame with the similarly-toned Copper Kelp fabric by Bart Helpern and the complimentary-colored brass and leather opera glasses are grouped together. In the same way, the jar of orange and brown beads harmonize with the Fellowship of the Ring's case and the mandala curtains while the green, orange, and reddish yarn in the felted wool bag of the same color scheme and the fun owl votive holder on its pedestal allow this scheme to flow around the small office space in undulating waves. ​This project was easily completed and the flowing color scheme creates a continuity that is both pleasing and calming as the wherever the eye rests, the colors remain constant and are gentle in tone and perfect for the coming season of crisper weather and golden leaves.

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