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The Perfect Cuppa

I do infinitely better with a teapot full of Perfect Cuppas of tea each day. Now, when I am speaking of the Perfect Cuppa of tea, I am not referring to Instant, Bottled, or Lipton tea: I am referring to a solidly-brewed staunch cuppa of black caffeine worthy of consumer confidence with organic, RBST-free cream or French Vanilla So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer. Here is my recipe for a delicious pot of tea with two offshoots for different moods.

What you need for the Perfect Cuppa:

1. A Stainless Kettle (electric or conventional). I recommend a Chantel Electric Teakettle for $20 via Target or a nice stainless steel conventional kettle for $10 at Walmart

2. A nice ceramic teapot of your choice such as a Wedgewood, or, a vintage find off of Etsy or Ebay.

3. Four teabags of a high-quality black tea, such as Twinings, Harney & Sons, or PG Tips

4. The Perfect Cuppa or Cuppas (if you are sharing these moments and the delicious elixir). I am fond of Starbucks mugs because they hand well and have great handles for real people with real hands though I am also fond of fine bone china teacups and saucers that look quite charming (though more refills are necessitated by the latter and they usually have very small handles).

After you have or pull out the necessary accouterments for a Perfect Cuppa from the store or your cupboard/hutch, I would recommend boiling some water in the teakettle, pouring the liquid into your teapot of choice with four bags of black tea placed inside the pot and a lid to cover the teapot while the tea steeps for 3-4 minutes. Then, you can remove the teabags and pour the elixir of the Perfect Cuppa of Tea into your lovely mug(s) or teacup(s) with a bit (I add 2Tablespoons per mug or teacup) of organic cream or French Vanilla Coconut Creamer by So Delicious, which are available at Target or Whole Foods in their dairy section. Then, you can sit and enjoy your Cuppa (and those you are sharing it with if your Cuppa is had in Company). Making the Perfect Cuppa(s) reminds me of a culinary form of chemistry, or, as Jane Austen said, "Experimental Housekeeping" as you are never quite sure how the Cuppa will turn out as the nuances of flavor vary from cup to cup--tea-brewing is a Grand Adventure!

Variations on the perfect Cuppa:

1. Brew tea as usual but pour over ice in a glass when done for a delicious, brewed, ice tea and omit cream or creamer. Add 2 teaspoons of sugar per glass to make a sweet tea variety.

2. Pour brewed black tea over ice in glass and add 2-4 Tablespoons of Organic Cream or French Vanilla Coconut Creamer by So Delicious for a Iced Tea version equivalent of Iced Coffee.

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