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The Plot that Thickened by P.G. Wodehouse: a Book in Review Part 2

The Plot that Thickened by P.G. Wodehouse continues on its merry way with a wild plot-line as all characters'efforts are focused around a pearl necklace that is supposedly worth $50,000 and is the inheritance of one of the lead protagonists' daughter. The drama that ensues because the necklace was swapped years ago for cultured pearls to bankroll bills was, in the words of Wodehouse, "the sort of thing Thomas Hardy would have got a three volume novel out of. " (Page 143) .

The drama is heightened by the fact that the character who swapped the pearls is trying to get them lost so that his actions are not noticed and that two bands of thieves, who believe the pearls to be real, are also trying to steal them as well. I enjoyed this novel for its British humor. However, Wodehouse in this book has a tendency I have not found in other books, where he sort of pops up and tells you where he thinks the plot-line should go, and then has the plot-line not go there. I am not sure if this is a Wodehouse trait, but found it interesting. The end of the novel seemed rather abrupt, as if it were concluded similarly to some operas--two hours spent building the drama for a three-minute conclusion. A bit odd, but still an enjoyable read.

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