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The Plot that Thickened by P.G. Woodhouse: A Book in Review Part 1

This Sunday, I finished reading the Plot that Thickened by P.G. Wodehouse. I had never read Wodehouse before, and found his work and his literary style interesting. I found Wodehouse's dry, British humor funny and his storyline, which involved the escapades of Monty Bodkin, his work, and his only slightly star-crossed love life, interesting.

The story begins with Monty making a bargain with a film studio mogul in order to be employed for a year as stipulated by Gertrude's father before he and Gertrude are married. During his time at the studio, he runs into the delightful and resourceful Sandy Miller, who falls for him, for what particular reason, readers are left to guess.

I love the way P.G. Wodehouse has his characters describe other characters, such as "A fellow I met in the canteen who looked as if he might be a writer of additional dialogue or the man in charge of the wind machine." (Page 14) .

When a husband and wife, who are in various lines of crime, the wife shoplifting and the husband in selling shares for a non-existent oil firm, Wodehouse states,s, "Each respected the other's Art, which is recognized as being the firmest foundation for a happy marriage. If Soapy Molloy made a killing [selling fake shares], nobody could be more eager to celebrate than Dolly, and he was the first to applaud when she returned from an afternoon at the stores with objects that would come in useful about the home [from shoplifting]." (Page 58) . One of my personal favorites from the book in the line of descriptions is that of Sandy Miller, when she takes a piece of cake and surprises Monty with her bravado, "This new side of her character she was showing surprised him considerably. He had not expected her of such versatility. It is one thing to take down letters in shorthand, . . . and quite another to raid your employer's Frigidaire for Bavarian cream after dark." (Page 72) .

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