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The Quest for a Good Machine

This month, we got a new-to-us sewing machine. The machine is a Sears Kenmore model from the 1970's that came in its original cabinet. I discovered the machine on a swap site as the owner was moving and wanted to pass the machine. The machine looked quite nice and was all metal. My Singer Simple has decided to throw a fit again so another machine with metal rather than plastic parts was a great idea--I thought.

I should have seen the warning signs when the lady messaged back and said she lived outside of town--half-an-hour outside of town. She sent directions mentioning a divergence from the blacktopped, respectable highway three miles down a road of questionable origin and ending over a "big" hill. However, we loaded up in our 4-wheel drive vehicle and headed "over the river and through the woods and over a set of "big" hills that should have been quantified as "little" Everests. We made it to our destination, paid for the machine, loaded the sewing machine up, and prayed we could make it back home in one piece.

This "Sewing Machine Episode" has taught me a few things as I have stitched this experience together:

1. Ask if the person selling an item is IN TOWN.

2. Ask for a definition of "Big" Hill. Is it a "little" Everest or a hill (small bump)?

3. Mention that though one's vehicle is 4-wheel drive, it is a passenger vehicle--not a military tank--or a hummer.

4. Pray hard and enjoy the journey (knew already but this experience solidified this fact further).

In addition, this journey provided an interesting (and far too exciting) trip a mere half-hour from home. We made it over the "little" Everests and were extremely grateful when we reached the blacktopped, respectable highway again. Three miles of bad road can feel like an eternity both literally and figuratively: a good highway should never be taken for granted.

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