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The Search for a Sincere Pumpkin Patch Continues

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

Every October, I get a strange feeling of anticipation. The leaves change color in a brilliance of red, orange, and yellow like a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat, and I still feel a sense of wonder at this change in nature though I have witnessed it many times now throughout my life. Autumn is my favorite season with cool but not cold temps: a certain crisp, excited bite to the air, and the return of the Great Pumpkin imminently approaching. I have always admired Linus, the young philosopher, in the Peanuts comic strip--a sort of child-version of Wilson in Home Improvement, offering words of wisdom and interesting insight from his own mind. Linus' ability to believe in the return of the Great Pumpkin every year without fail and without turning an ear to the criticism he faces only enhances his charm.

Every October, I wonder if the Pumpkin Patch near me is sincere, and I wonder if there are other Great Pumpkin fans out there, wondering too. Today, we are going to go paint a few mini, concrete pumpkins at a class, and I smile a bit to think of a sincere, concrete pumpkin patch. The leaves will be brilliant and the air crisp as we drive to the class and perhaps, on a lone street corner, I will spot Linus with his sign heralding the imminent arrival of the Great Pumpkin!

Some children dress up as Superman, Spiderman, and the Hulk but, I have never seen a Linus impersonator. If I did, I would give them the award for the best costume because that child is heading somewhere great and needs to wear shades because the future is bright: who needs superpowers when you can think well and stand by your convictions?

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