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The Stanley Hotel

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

The Stanley Hotel of Estes Park, Colorado, has a strange aura about it reminiscent of the hotel in the film, Somewhere in Time: anachronistic and worn but yet splendid enough to hearken back to it's glory days--the days before The Shining was filmed, before the ghosts moved in, and before the resident psychic took up his/her abode in the basement. Horror films have never been my thing, but there is something almost comical about the commercialization of a horror movie in a hotel of such gracious design, complete with a stately music room and a piano tuned by Sousa. It is as though a BBC drama film location got confiscated by the Adams family.

Nevertheless, I do love walking up the steps, swinging open the door to the Stanley Hotel's lobby, and stepping back in time to 1920. I imagine Mr. Bates, (not the psychic), coming up from the basement, Sousa tuning and "defacing" (or adding value to) the piano by carving his name into it. Stephan King is not born yet, let alone published. I can see it now: the gowns, the gloves, the trunks, the Stanley Steamer cars, and a time of slower pace with the mountains as their backdrop.

As we snap some pictures on the iPhone of the glimmers that remain from the past, I am reminded that times move forward, but some things remain constant. Then again, some things greatly change. As we stand in the present, we are standing on the cusp of what has been and what will be. The present is a border town of change intermixed with constancy--an odd marriage of opposites and a constant collision of worlds requiring balance and the grace of God.

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