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The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2016

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

Yesterday was the first day of autumn, and the day I downloaded the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle we had purchased from Ultimate-Bundles.com. We have several bundles from Ultimate-Bundles.com in the last few years ranging from their Ultimate Healthy Living Bundles to their Ultimate Homemaking Bundles, to their Ultimate Herb and Essential Oil Bundles, and we could not be more pleased with Ultimate-Bundles.com or their phenomenal products. The bundles from Ultimate-Bundles.com usually run around $30 a bundle and are available for about a week when they are released, with perks for early purchasers such as free Kindle and Nook file upgrades.

The reason my family and I love Ultimate-Bundles.com’s products are because they are truly amazing values worth around $2500 that are available for the reasonable price of under $30 for just a few days. These bundles not only come with around 20-70 e-Books (depending on the bundle) but also include many expensive e-courses and bonuses such as promotional codes for various health /educational products/companies that are redeemable through the first thirty days after release of the bundles. The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle has had many previous versions since 2012 that have been enjoyed and appreciated by 64,000 satisfied customers and their families. 2016’s Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle has 56 e-Books (worth $730+), 25 e-courses (worth $1600+), 2 printables (worth $13), and 11 bonus offers (worth $250+). Needless to say, the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is an amazing value that also comes with a money-back guarantee of 1 year trial and excellent customer service assistance!!

In addition, the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle’s e-books are easily downloaded via a zip file that can be then unzipped and transferred to iBooks or your Nook or Kindle. This year’s Ultimate Bundle includes many Paleo cookbooks, a Wellness Mama e-Book, a Traditional Cooking School course, a Fit2B Studio fitness course, and much, much more!! The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is 98% off and is only available through Monday the 26th of September!!

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