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The Vertunni Family and William Blake

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

Occasionally in life, people cross your path and take you by surprise. A recent example of such a revelation came to me from the Vertunni family and their lives’ journey. I mentioned the Vertunni family earlier this month in my first post of June from 6.3.2016 "Caution, Hurdles, and Calculated Risks: The Italian Key, an Ensuing Wardrobe Overhaul, and Discoveries.” I came across the Vertunni’s as I was introduced to them via The Italian K​ey​. Leo Vertunni, the eldest son in the family, plays the character of Leo in the film, and the end credits musical track, “Ah, Sunflower,” was performed Victor Vertunni.

I noticed “Ah, Sunflower” and made a mental note of the song for two reasons. Firstly, “Ah, Sunflower” has a rocking, rhythmical beat, and the sound waves from the song touch the heart chakra, which is rare in music from the western world, current popular examples being Ed Sheeran’s songs “Photograph” and “Tenerife Sea.” The musical combination of a rocking beat that touches the heart chakra is primarily found in Indian music, which is one of the main reasons I love this type of music, with its formulation dating back 5,000+ years. This type of music brings me a sense of peace and reminds me of lullabies (but for adults). The second reason I noticed “Ah, Sunflower” is because I enjoy reading the credits of films, and I noticed Leo and Victor had the same last name. I did a Google search on Victor and Leo, and I found out that Victor was Leo’s father and that they, along with Maxim, Victor’s younger son, and Monia Giovannangeli, Victor’s wife, reside in Italy and travel the world as a musical quartet.

Victor fell in love with William Blake’s work, Songs of Innocence and Experience, as a young man, and he has passed this love and appreciation on to his wife and two sons. The Vertunni family has chosen Blake’s work as their driving passion and guiding, artistic light. They spend their lives bringing Blake’s poems to life for their audiences through music and interpretive dance. Victor sings and plays guitar while Leo and Maxim accompany him on various instruments and Monia performs interpretive dance to the music.

The way the Vertunni family has carved out such a life for themselves, in the same way a sculptor carves a statue out of a solid piece of stone, is admirable. The process through which the Vertunni’s have created a life-journey that includes all members of their family with their individual strengths that, when combined, create “a thing of beauty, [which] is a joy forever,” as John Keats declares, that is indeed beautiful to see. During my Internet search, I ran across Victor’s YouTube Channel, where I found the Vertunni’s YouTube videos "Holy Thursday" and Victor Vertunni in "Tiger, Tiger" of William Blake. While watching Victor’s Channel’s videos, one facet impressed me greatly, and that was how Victor relates to his two sons, who are now both grown, and to the other artists involved in the recording process. In the recording sessions shown, when a song was finished, Victor would turn first to his children in unguarded pleasure that shows how glad he is they are there, proud they are his children, and pleased that they can share this journey of life and of musical appreciation together and/or he would thank his sons and the other musicians with a genuine sense of gratitude that is rare to see.

Needless to say, I find the Vertunni family and their familial and musical mission extraordinary and wonderful as they have created a beautiful world that they share with others through their musical endeavors. The family’s newest project, re-named "Children of the Future Age" from "The Angel," is produced by Leo Vertunni (who composed this project’s music with acoustic/electric guitar, sitar, and cello arrangements). Vocals are provided by Emma Turley, and Maxim Vertunni is currently working on the cover art for this album. "Children of the Future Age" is tentatively set to release this November. The Vertunni family’s music can be sampled and purchased directly at www.music.victor.vertunni.com. Victor’s Channel on YouTube can also be accessed under “Victor Vertunni” at YouTube.

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