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The Wearing of the Green

Green is my favorite color, and I am Irish (amongst other things), so it only stands to reason that St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday I will heartily celebrate, and I do. I love the fact that this day is a celebration of a rather good fellow who not only helped out a motley group of warring pagans, but that he also (according to legend) got rid of their snakes! On that vein, perhaps I should name our straight-edged hoe “Patrick.”

Corned beef and cabbage are delicious hallmarks of the festive holiday. An excellent alternative to corned beef is to cook a roast in pickle juice. This is a very easy, less expensive option, and it is almost identical in taste to corned beef without as many preservatives included. I don’t go for green beer and staying up late as I am against food coloring, have never have been into beer, and am a Hobbit at heart. So, I had my pot of Irish Breakfast tea.

My favorite Irish Breakfast Teas are from Frontier Herbs and Twinings. For a loose leaf, Frontier Herbs’ variety is the best, but for ease of use, Twinings’ variety wins. We fondly call the Frontier Herb variety “the Bulbous-nosed Tea” as it seems a tea gnomes would have. I am not quite sure how we arrived at this title, except for the fact that Bob likes bulbous noses and has quite a few garden gnomes, indoors and out. I am more into ceramic mushrooms—we all have our oddities.

The evening of St. Patrick’s Day last year, we watched some lovely videos about the parks and wildernesses of Ireland with their beautiful hills and their amazing plethora of purple rhododendrons. I had no idea that they had such a profuse amount of the lovely, purple plants or such large hills. When I do visit the Old Country, I am going when the rhododendrons are in bloom and may do some hill climbing. Go green (and purple)!

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