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Two Monkeys and a Gorilla

This week, we ordered two monkeys and a gorilla. Winter may be an odd time to order such "mammals," but the purchases seemed appropriate for our family, and the "mammals" should arrive by Valentine's Day! I do wonder how the post office will handle our packages--they used to be troubled over our chicken orders.

Twenty-three years ago, I lost my Rafiki Burger King action figure with his medicine stick. I still remember the search in vain for this toy as it left a memorable impression, and I continue to think that Rafiki's disappearance involved some monkey business at the local laundrymat. I do not know for certain what led me to like Rafiki and his subsequent action figure so much, but I think it had something to do with the fact that though behaving in a silly fashion, he had a pretty good overall grasp of reality and what was wrong with the world. More importantly, he knew how to get the ball rolling toward the goal line of fixing the problems at hand. Also, he had an awesome tree/forest house and painted with natural and non-toxic products--gotta love it. I remember my favorite feature of the action figure was his stick that slid in and out of his hand and was a pretty cool miniature walking stick. Sticks have been important to me since a young age as one of my first words, aside from "Mama," "Papa," "money," and "checkbook" was "tick," which I would say as I leaned out of my backpack carrier and pointed to sticks I wanted to hold on our nature expeditions. Perhaps, that "tick" energy is why I liked Rafiki's walking stick so much.

My mother did an Internet search for my action figure, and lo and behold, Ebay had two such figures in their original packaging and a reduced shipping cost if they were bulk ordered--what a bargain! I think the two Rafiki figures will work great for trying Portuguese Knitting--a monkey on each shoulder to feed the yarn through is quite perfect! Instead of good angel bad/angel on my shoulder like the old cartoons, I will have good monkey and good monkey there! In their off-hours, one can go in my purse, by the elf ears (long story) and the other can be a homebody.

The Gorilla came to us through one of Justin Rhodes "100 Days of Growing Your Own Food" VLOGs (which we just love)! Justin Rhodes also has a fascinating website, abundantpermaculture.com, and he and his family are embarking on a tour of farms around the USA which they are documenting on their upcoming film, The Great American Farm Tour. We looked at Amazon.com for our Gorillapod, but scored the tripod off of Ebay for $19 and free shipping. We currently looking into creating some videos (cooking and otherwise) that can be put up on this site, and the tripod will be perfect for trying out new and extreme shots, such as hanging the tripod from the chandelier and getting the perfect mixing bowl shot--ooh! Also, the Gorillapod will be great for those "where-will-your-tiffin-take-you?" shots as we eat out of our Indian lunch boxes with our complimentary Japanese stainless steel spoons with our Gorillapod wrapped firmly around our rear-view mirror confidently holding our iPhone as it records the journey.

Needless to say, we are excited and waiting for our two monkeys and our gorilla to arrive. We are certain the "mammals" will feel right at home as the snow melts and gives way to Spring and new beginnings!​ Hakuna matata!

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