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Vague and Specific Memories of SG-1

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Post by Thornton Kimes

There are so many episodes I enjoy. My favorite has to be in season four of SG-1, episode six, "Window of Opportunity,"when O'Neil and T'ealc and everyone else got stuck in a time-loop. Only O'Neil and T'ealc are aware of the situation the team is in.

I saw the episode recently--I remembered them becoming expert jugglers in Dr Jackson's office, though the clip showed O'Neil doing pottery!

The loop where O'Neil gave T'ealc all alternatives to the phrase "losin' it" is my fave funny SG1 bit of all time!

. . . Well, that and him with body asleep, mind controlling Thor's ship, turning lights on/off....)!

I saw a lot of season one of SG-1 awhile back, which I missed first time around. Watching season one of SG-1, I got a chance to see what O'Neil's son looked like, and saw his ex-wife. That was nice, because I never understood his backstory fully until watching the first season.

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