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Vignettes Of Our Lives With Our Possessions: The Dresser Part 2

Post by Onna Carr

In front of the vase is a vintage piece of ceramic that depicts a cottage in the countryside with bright color usage in yellow and green and a shiny finish that I got at an antique shop. This piece recalls the rolling hills and the rural areas that have been a part of my life since birth. To the side of the vase is a ceramic ring holder, one of those vintage, hand-painted finds from the era when ceramic shops were popular (1950’s-1980’s).  This ring box was painted by a “Flora” unknown to me and reminds me of “Flora’s Secret,” by Enya, making me smile with the reminiscence of Enya’s work that brings to mind sparkling sunlight, gentle raindrops, and rippling water in musical form. 

On the dresser top, in the center, against its back, is an incorporated piece of lovely gingerbread work and beneath it, an antique plate entitled “Empress” by John Edwards and called a “Porecelaine Deterrl” piece.  I love the creamy background on this plate with the gold accents around the edges and in the center.  This plate is also a memory cloche:  holding an odd assortment of items that are touchstones of my past.  The diminutive, plastic calf was a gift from my great-grandfather when I was four.  He was and remains the finest man I ever met, reminding me of the verse in the Book of Esther regarding Mordecai, “. . .accepted of the multitude of his brethren, seeking the wealth of his people, and speaking peace to all his seed.”  (Esther 10:3 KJV) .  Opposite the calf rests a tiny, ceramic bear that I lost when a toddler, and I was so disturbed by missing the minuscule figurine that my father and I spent an entire afternoon searching our back yard for the little object until we found it.  A marble reminds me of the Iowan toy shop that it was purchased at, and the good memory of that experience rolls around the center of the plate.  Meanwhile, a favorite fashion necklace in brass, red, and pearl accents with Bollywood style warmly shimmers beside the marble, triggering the memory of beautiful, Indian films with their exotic, bright colors.  Across from this item, another necklace lies quietly poised in gunmetal blue. This blue and silver necklace was one of the last gifts I received from my mother, and it patiently waits for me to pick it up with resounding volleys of quick silver and cold diamond accents. 

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