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Vignettes Of Our Lives With Our Possessions: The Dresser Part 3

Post by Onna Carr

Ed Sheeran, the British musician, has a song entitled “Photograph.”  A few years ago, “Photograph” was playing everywhere: from the hair salon, to the doctor’s office, to the box store, to the local grocery.  “Photograph” speaks of how we take pictures to record moments when we had both our eyes and our hearts open so that we could preserve these memories of good times and healthy innocence to hold them close throughout our lives. 

The ephemera on my dresser brings back to me valued memories of my family and my experiences.  These past memories build me up while I am firmly grounded in the present, adding not only beauty to my life, but additional touchstones of meaning that help me to move into the future with courage and grace.  I love how ephemera, like tangible photographs and Ed Sheeran’s song can recall the moments: moments when our eyes and our hearts were/are open. The reflections that our possessions give us of our past and of our present allow us to better understand ourselves and to remember those we care about as we move into the future, carrying with us the only personal treasure that really matters in the end—love.

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