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Vivid Dreaming

Post by Onna Carr

Here I am again: on a plain full of debris from a battle I cannot recall. This is a dream, I know--I only have them about twice a year, and oftentimes they are in black-and-white. I am alone after the dust of a battle has stilled and there is just haze and smoke. No one else visible, and no casualties to be found. I always wonder why I am here, as I do not watch war movies and never play games that would bring this vision to life while I sleep.

I hate conflict, and I dislike battles, whether domestic or international in variety, and so standing here, on the plain among the wreckage is extremely troubling and puzzling. It is now I am again thankful I only dream a couple of times and year. I try to wake myself, but this time it does not work.

I am now falling endlessly through space--no segue to lead me to this point in a linear way. If I did not know that falling like this is dangerous, the action would not be troubling as space and time seem to still as the space rushes around me and I can almost see the air as I pass though it.

Then, I awake, glad to be able to get out of that dream. Getting up in the early dawn to grab a coffee and sit in the peaceful stillness of my living room while my Google Nest softly plays some pop songs in Mandarin and life slowly falls back into place--into peace--once more.

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