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Was Ra an Asgard? Part 2

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Taylor Underwood--the Stargate Guy

The only down side of the humans was that with increased brain capacity, they are harder to control. This is why Klorel, the Goa’uld inhabiting Skaara, wanted to spend more time in the sarcophagus in the episode “The Serpent Lair” S2 Ep1. With his strength of mind, Skaara was giving the symbiote Klorel a run for its money. Now let’s be clear, the symbiote did not have that much trouble with Skaara. Skaara was not totally regaining control, but I imagine it would be like having a migraine that won’t go away. After a while it’s frustrating, and you just want to lay down and take a nap.

What would make Ra want to give up one host to try and blend with another species when it might or might not work? Ra would be endangering its life on the chance that humans could be inhabited. Or would it?

In the opening scene of the Stargate movie, we clearly see Ra’s host being abducted into the Goa’uld space ship. We can safely assume that there is more advanced technology in this spaceship than we have in the 21st century, and yet, we Humans can look at the DNA of a species and look inside the body without hurting or damaging a person. I theorize that Ra did just that and had a reasonable belief that he would be able to inhabit the human. He changed hosts and inhabited that brave Egyptian man who walked out to a terrifying light one night.

“But,” you say, “in the movie it states that Ra was the last of a dying species, and the host that he was in looked nothing like an Unas.” Well. . . thanks for providing me with a good transition.

I theorize that Ra was “the last of a dying species” by being the only Goa’uld to inhabit a particular species. That species being the Asgard. Looking at the image of Ra’s previous host, we see a bald grey bulbus head with big black eyes, thinner lips, and scaring across its face. This description, minus the scaring, can be also attributed to the Asgard. We know that the Asgard body has changed over the centuries. We see a 30,000 year old ancestor of the Asgard in the episode "Revelations" S5 Ep22, and it looks like a cross between Human and Asgard. The modern Asgard are half of our height and have much less muscle tone than their ancestor. Looking at the Stargate movie, that Asgard appears to be a cross between the 30,000-year-old Asgard and the smaller modern-day version.

The “dying species” description is totally applicable in this context. Although the Asgard did not fully know it, they were on a path that would lead them to slowly die out. They would continue to clone themselves until they could no longer naturally reproduce and an inevitable flaw would enter the clone body matrix meaning that they could no longer clone new bodies. Hence, they were a dying species but they would not realize it until later.

For more theories, character profiles, how it works videos, and more go to https://www.youtube.com/thestargateguy

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