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Was Ra an Asgard? Part 3

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Taylor Underwood--the Stargate Guy

We know that the Goa’uld and Asgard have had unfriendly contact for some time. Although we do not officially know when this all began, we know that it developed to the point where the two species created the Protected Planets Treaty. I theorize that the hostel contact between the Goa’uld and the Asgard was going on at the time that Ra came to earth. Since the Goa’uld had Unas bodies and had become interstellar and spread across the galaxy, it would make sense that the Asgard would notice. Especially since they had contact with the Milky Way galaxy for tens of thousands of years before this by joining the Four Great Races.

It’s likely that the symbiote which would become known as Ra was on a Goa’uld ship that was in battle with the Asgard. Upon victory, or at least leaving with a hostage, Ra fled into unknown space, away from the Asgard until his experiment was done. Once away from the battle, Ra took a chance and tried to blend with an Asgard host after torturing it to weaken its resolve. This, and/or the battle would explain the scaring on the Asgard host.

As stated before, the blend is not always successful. The host can put up a fight, and this Asgard did fight. Although the blend was successful and Goa’uld was inside of the Asgard, it had difficulty gaining control of the mind in order to get insight on Asgard technology and battle plans. Asgard technology has always been more advanced than the Goa’uld, and we see during our stint on Stargate SG-1 that the Goa’uld have tried to steal Asgard technology and knowledge. The most successful attempt comes from when Anubis tried to download the brain of Thor into his Hat’ak “Mother Ship,”

While Ra was attempting to gain control of the Asgard’s mind, he was both successful and not successful. It is stated in Stargate SG-1 by many Goa’uld system lords and Tok’ra that Ra was the most powerful Goa’uld. Was this always the case though? I bet that Ra became powerful because of two things: one, finding Earth and being the first to capitalize on humans, and two, blending with an Asgard and getting some knowledge from that blending.

We know that Ra was not totally successful since the Goa’uld do not appear to have copies of Asgard technology. However, if Ra was able to get other information such as the tactical plans from the Asgard in the Milky Way galaxy, that would give him and his following of Goa’uld an edge over the Asgard, as well as the other System Lords. This would allow Ra to become the most powerful Goa’uld and would explain why he appeared to be more like an Asgard in the movie, but not possess Asgard technology.

So why didn’t he stay in the Asgard? Well, because struggling to get information and control from a superior mind is not exactly easy, and a Goa’uld’s strength is finite. I theorize that Ra would run out of strength periodically while trying to control the Asgard, and that after a sustained amount of time, he could have been on the brink of death. So when humans were discovered, and they proved to be a better host then even the Unas, Ra took the host before he was too weak to do so.

This leaves us with two loose ends. One is what happened to the Asgard after Ra left? Well unfortunately, Ra probably blew it out of an airlock or ringed him into space. If the Asgard has outlived its usefulness and no more information could be extracted, why keep it around? Teal’c has stated that he has seen Goa’uld use the hand device to inflict great pain upon their victims, and that this gave the Goa’uld great pleasure. Why would that behavior be different 10,000 years ago, if the Goa’uld have a genetic memory? It wouldn’t.

The second loose end comes at the end of the Stargate movie. When Ra is in orbit above Abydos and the nuclear bomb goes off in his face, we see the image of the Asgard-like host for a brief instance and it appears to be inside of the human host. Take a look at that image and take a look at the shape.

For more theories, character profiles, how it works videos, and more go to https://www.youtube.com/thestargateguy

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