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This week, I have been working on this site's transfer from a Godaddy Website Builder to a Wix Blog Site. So far, five months of blog posts have been transferred and three pages: Contact, Onna's Professional Services, and Friday Finds, are in working order! It is my hope that by March, the new site will be live under a temporary Wix domain to insure everything will be operative across various mobile devices before transferring www.thelittlegreenhouseonthecorner.com to the new web host, insuring a seamless transition that should be completed by St. Patrick's Day. Two weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that this site needed a major transformation that is not available through my previous webhost, Godaddy.com. Since I started with Godaddy in November 2015, I have been trying to create a completely mobile responsive site, but I have found that some devices, iPads and Kindles, for example, cannot view this site easily.

Over the past six months, I have been working to resolve mobile responsive issues with Godaddy.com. I reformatted text, altered images, changed the width and the height of the site, etc. to no avail. I have greatly appreciated the phone support Godaddy provides, but I have found that the tech team is nearly as exasperated as me on this subject as Godaddy does not provide their tech support with devices; but rather, with a Mobile Previewer that is not accurate in its display of all devices. In essence, the Mobile Previewer is sort of the equivalent of shooting in the dark for the tech support at Godaddy. The tech team is willing to assist, but they are unable to help resolve mobile responsive issues as they cannot see that the entire page spins about as a sheet of paper being moved in a circular direction on a tabletop when the site is viewed on incompatible mobile devices and an individual is trying to scroll up. The curious subject of late that led me initiate the transfer of www.thelittlegreenhouseonthe corner.com at this time was the fact that Godaddy has created a new version of their Website Builder, which was created with mobile devices in mind. I intended to switch to this new version (2x the cost of the current version) but I wanted to see some examples of sites I could view across various devices before paying for the upgrade. I was sent a single link, and the link took me to a site is iPad friendly, but that does not display correctly across other mobile devices. Overall, this switch has been relatively simple so far. The Wix blog site template is easy to use with quick photo uploading and perks such as image tagging and a built-in blogger for half of the current price I am paying through Godaddy.com for the previous website host. Needless to say, I am excited and pleased with the prospect of a renovated www.thelittlegreenhouseonthecorner.com in the upcoming month of the wearing of the green and of saving myself a little green simulaneously.

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